Dr. Lisa Lester
46 Utica St
Clinton, NY 13323

Child Dentistry

Children often have different dental needs than adults. Their first set of baby teeth is not permanent, and monitoring and care is needed to ensure their permanent teeth grow in properly. Additionally, oral problems in children can lead to several years of complications if left unchecked, problems which could spread into adulthood. Dental care for children also includes learning good habits early on, so dentists must treat their young patients with care and patience.

Dr. Lisa Lester’s dental practice offers child dentistry services for all of your child’s needs. Through repeated visits, we will monitor the progress of your child’s teeth, ranging from teaching them healthy brushing habits to assessing problems with their bite. Since children are often sensitive to discomfort caused by dental instruments, we will treat them and their teeth with care. Our practice ensures that each child has the chance to grow up with healthy, clean teeth.